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Glimpses of Grace Daily Devotion for October 10, 2017

My luggage didn’t make it with me to Scotland. I had a hunch that it would miss its flight, or rather my flight. With a plane delayed from take off by an hour and 51 minutes, my hunch proved correct. Before even going to the baggage carousel I checked with airport claims. As I suspected, luggage MIA (Missing In Action)!  I was advised to check the luggage carousel with the other passengers on my arriving flight. I waited and waited. Soon there was only me and three unclaimed bags. 

Jesus told many stories about lost things; a son, a coin and a sheep.(Luke 15,et al). In each of those stories and others He pointed to a God that both actively searched and patiently waited. At a different time and place He said that there were others, His “sheep”, that were not of “this fold”. (John 10:16). They, too, must be found and patiently waited for. Those who take Jesus seriously are called to actively search and patiently wait for thos “sheep”, not with formulated tracts or prayers but with lives that inspire imitation. 

Lord, remind me each morning as I begin a new day that each day is a gift. Let me live in such a way that when others see me they see a true reflection of You and Your love.  Amen.