Glimpse of Grace for February 9–Peaceful Sleep

Lucy asleep

Years ago I read a biography of the late legendary baseball announcer “Red” Barber written by NPR Morning Edition host Bob Edwards. Inspired and based on his weekly Friday morning interviews with “Red” they covered a wide range of topics, including faith.

I learned that Barber was a lay preacher in the Episcopal communion and a spiritual guide to many sports figures of the day. His faith was a quiet faith, not showy or in your face or worn in his sleeve. Always a courtly “Southern gentleman” he referred to ball players as “Mister” or “big fella” or “old” no matter their age , but it was his serene thoughtful presence and knack for creating an unforgettable turn of a phrase (a wining streak was described as “tearin’ up the pea patch”) that was his calling card.

He said evening prayers, and it was these evening prayers that came to mind as I watched my cat, Lucy, lie peacefully at me feet. Red Barber ended each day with the words, “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, majesty me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8, KJV)

Sleeping peacefully, serenely in the knowledge of the Lord’s eternal care is a glimpse of grace.


4 thoughts on “Glimpse of Grace for February 9–Peaceful Sleep

  1. Bill Williams says:

    Dear Frosty!
    Your message was inspirational.. Please add us to your mail list!!

    Happy Feb/March!

    We will return March 31.

    Bill and Bonnie

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