Glimpses of Grace: The Mysterious God

A Lenten Daily Devotion for the 2nd Day of Lent

Daily Reading from Daily Common Lectionary: John 17: 1-8

Text: And this is eternal life… (v.3)

After my father died I went through his papers. In the process I discovered both a creative and spiritual side of him that I never knew existed. Among his papers was an old time card. On the time card, written in faded pencil, these words: “My variety of Christianity is not used to explain everything. It accepts and appreciates mystery.”

I thought of the those words as I read the assigned gospel lesson for today, especially the part about “eternal life“. What is it? What does it look like? At times Jesus seemed to say that it is in the “here and now”. At other times He seemed to say that it is in the “sweet by and by.” Maybe it’s both.

Not too long ago a woman asked me if when she dies will she see her husband again? More importantly, will she be able to recognize him? I paused before answering. Before speaking about the mystery of death, I’d better be sure that what I said was true. I recalled the words attributed to John Calvin; “We should speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent”.

Finally I replied. I said that while I hadn’t been to the other side and back, I was sure of one thing; when she died she’d be with her husband as well as with all of those whom she had ever loved in this world for ever and ever.

Life and Death are mysteries. The challenge is to accept and appreciate the Mystery. We can only do this if we trust in God.

Lord God, in these 40’s days of Lent give me a greater acceptance of Life’s mystery and wonder. And when my understanding falters, give me a faith that will carry me to firmer ground. Amen.


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