Glimpses of Grace Daily Devotion for October 31, 2017

For everything there is a season

 I stepped into what was formerly the Commerical National Bank in my hometown. I hadn’t been there since January of 1977. The shiny marble floor still glistened. The majestic marble columns still  drew the eyes toward the intricate tiled ceiling. 
I noticed the customer before me admiring the Lobby’s beauty. I interrupted his thoughts. “I haven’t been in this building since 1977.” I ssud. “It’s still beautiful, isn’t it? At one time it was said that the president of this bank elected mayors and was a leader in the city’s development.  I used to work in an office on the 8th floor.” 

Looking around at empty teller windows, I added, “The last time I was here all 21 windows had a teller.” There was only one teller now. The lobby was empty, save for a lone teller, a receptionist and the two of us. 

Looking thoughtful he said, “I wonder what this will be like in 25 years?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “Times are changing.” 

For everything there is a season”, The Preacher in Ecclesiastes once said. Old chapters draw to a close and new chapters are born. 

O Light, from age to age the same, O ever living Word,” the old hymn proclaimed, “Here have we felt Thy kindling flame, Thy voice within have heard.” Every age belongs to that Light; the light of Love, the light of Jesus, the light of God. Each age contains a glimpse of grace. 

Lord God, in the midst of constant change let us not be afraid. Let us look us always look for Your grace that sustains us. Amen. 


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