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Glimpses of Grace for October 18, 2017

Pilgrims’ pathToday began with a morning prayer service in the Abby on Iona. Later in the morning I began the journey to St. Columbra’s Bay which is named after an one of the 12 Irish Apostles. St. Columbia is credited with spreading Christianity to Scotland in the 6th century. He died on June 9, 597 and is buried on Iona. One of the island’s chapels bears his name. 

On our journey we came across two sets of pilgrims on a one pilgrimage. My own “pilgrimage” was cut short a quarter of a mile from the bay when I slipped on a rock in a marshy section and twisted my ankle. Thanks to the assistance to my housemate, Wilford Gowing, a Robert Burns quoting Anglican clergyman on sabbatical, I made it back to where we stayed

Plans can change in a moment, in the flash of an eye or slipping on a rock. We often fall short of our goal. It is those times when God provides “angels” of mercy, bearers of grace to help us get back on our feet. 

The moment one journey ended, a new one began. God was in both journeys every step of the way. That is truly a glimpse of grace. 

Lord, for all the saints who from their labors rest, we give your thanks. Amen. 


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