Glimpse of Grace Devotion for September 25, 2017

“And when the women went to the tomb they found it empty.” Luke’s gospel.
The picture is that of a “Resurrection” lily in our front yard. They go by a variety of other names, too. They are scattered around the edges of our yard. I suspect that sometimes a squirrel or two may dig one up and “replant” it. The flower is called a Resurrection lily because its first bloom is in the Spring, generally around Easter—the day of Resurrection in the Christian faith. Occasionally it blooms in late summer or early fall. Then it dies back and is generally forgotten, at least by me, before it shoots once again up through the earth and proclaims a new beginning.

Life is full of new beginnings. The idea of new beginnings lies at the heart of the Christian faith. A loved one, a relationship or a way of life dies but by the grace of God something new grows in the empty space. 

At this time of year it is good to reflect upon the spring and summer seasons that have come to an end. Something new is about to begin. Something beautiful. Something unexpected. It is good that when the women went to the tomb that they found it empty. It is good because it was a herald that God was doing something new. And God is still at it, in your life


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