Glimpses of Grace Daily Devotion for August 24, 2017

One of  scribes came near and asked Jesus, “Which commandment is the first of all?” (v.28 in Mark 12:28-34)

What’s the most important thing that you can do? What will give you the greatest ROI? 

Ans. Love God with your whole being and love God’s children–all of them, even the ones who frustrate you, aggravate you, and threaten you.  Love ‘me. 

How do you do that that? Ask yourself “What’s the loving thing to do? 

After a very very difficult morning, a staff member at the church I serve decided to buy the whole office and preschool staff pizza. “They needed a mood picked-upper!” She was a genius. She put herself in their shoes and did something that was simultaneously simple and totally unexpected. 

You may not be able to buy pizza for ci-workers but you can say a kind word, let someone into the line of traffic, be a little slower at being “judgey”, or offer a sincere real prayer asking God to bless the ones that you would rather not be blessed. 

Lord, I don’t know how to pray. Teach me. Open my heart to live You and demonstrate that love by loving all of Your children. Amen


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