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Glimpses of Grace Daily Devotion for July 19, 2017

Devotional reading from the Daily Common Lectionary: Mark 2:1-12

Text: Then four people came to Jesus bringing a paralyzed man. (v. 3)

No one becomes a serious follower of Jesus on their own. They have been touched by God multiple times along the way.

My parents were among my earliest touches. Each night they knelt beside my bed to lead me in prayer; the “Our Father” as well as “Now I lay me down to sleep…” Other touches were the volunteers at the first Vacation Bible School I attended at a neighborhood Free Methodist church. Then there were the after-school ladies who led a “Good News Club” program. They were probables Assembly of God or Baptist.

In my “home” church I had three memorable Sunday school teachers. One was a man named Mr. Cation, an elderly widower who brought us homemade brownies or cookies to eat at the end of class. Mr. Koch always gave me the shortest verses to read, I presume because he knew that I am a stutter. There was also a young teacher who was expecting her first child. At Christmas, as we studied the birth of Jesus, I asked the question that was on the other kids’ mind; “What is a womb?” (The child in Elizabeth’s womb jumped at the sound of Mary’s voice, you may remember.)

Not a single one of those people ever encouraged me to become a minister. All led me to taking Jesus seriously. Theirs was a cumulative affect by God.  Yes, No one comes to Jesus on their own. Like the four friends in today’s reading, someone carries us with loving arms.

Who carried you?

Lord, thank  you for the people who led me to You for You help me carry my burdens. Amen. 


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