Glimpses of Grace Daily Devotion for May 15, 2017

Devotional Reading: Luke 7: 36-50

Text: The one who is forgiven little, loves little. (v. 47b)

I was always one quick to judge someone who was late or missed an appointment. This attitude was partly due to my upbringing. In my family being on time meant that you arrived 15 minutes early. I held everyone to this unspoken standard, everyone that is, except myself.

God has a sense of humor. Through a variety of circumstances, I missed a string of appointments and couldn’t seem to arrive anywhere on time, no matter how hard I tried, what kind of calendar I used or how many alarms I set. I felt horrible about myself, but try as I might, I could not correct the situation.

And then a glimpse of grace broke into my life; someone who had every reason not to, cut me some slack. They totally forgave me with no strings attached. Their grace freed me from the weight of my guilt. I literally felt lighter and free. A great burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I took a good look at myself and resolved to cut others slack like I received.

Things happen and even the most organized and best intentioned people goof up.

The woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears had been forgiven much. She therefore loved much. When we recognize the extent of our own sin and how much God has forgiven us, we are filled and respond to others with a Christ-like love. We learn to love them not for who they are but because of Whose they are, a Child of God, precious in God’s sight.

Lord, open my eyes to see my own shortcoming and contribution to the brokenness of the world. Let me be a purveyor of Your immeasurable Grace in both my attitudes and actions toward others. Forgive me and restore me into right relationships. Amen. 


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