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Glimpses of Grace: May Day Baskets

As a child I never had the thrill of either giving or receiving May baskets. We lived in the country and I guess that everyone was just too busy. It wasn’t until I moved to Iowa that I received my first May basket!

One afternoon the front doorbell rang. When I opened it there was no one there but sitting on the step was a little basket with a flower. When I brought it in the girls immediately recognized it. A May basket! We scrambled about getting supplies to make our own May basket. From that point on we had a little circle of people who received May baskets. Sometimes they were filled with assorted candies. Other times they had flowers or a small potted plant. It was, to me, a true glimpse of grace. It was unexpected and gave off the scent of a kind of love. It is a scent that remains with me still.

As I turn over the page of my monthly calendar I see that it is May Day.  I smile. It’s not too late! Gotta run and get some May baskets delivered! Maybe you should, too.

I think I’ll deliver a few May baskets today. It’s still early.


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