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Glimpses of Grace Devotion for April 28, 2017

Devotional Reading; Psalm 47

Text: For the LORD, Most High, is awesome, a great king over all the earth. (v. 2)

We use the word “awesome” a lot. It seems that everything is awesome. You’re an awesome person. That was an awesome game. This is an awesome meal. It is always meant as a compliment but something is lost in its overuse. An unassisted triple-play is not awesome. It is rare and impressive, maybe even great, but it is not awesome.

Awesome is not a word that is thrown around casually in Scripture. It is reserved for God. Only God is awesome, that is, worthy of “awe”.

One of the evening Psalms assigned for today is the 113th. At the end it marvels and celebrates how God “raises the poor from the dust, and lifts the needy from the ash heap”, and sits them beside princes. Only God makes the barren woman the “joyous mother of children.” (vss. 8 and 9). Those are awesome.

Lord God, only You are truly awesome for you give us hope in the midst of despair, courage in the midst of fear, and unconditional love when we are our most unlovable. Thank you. Amen.


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