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Glimpses of Grace for the 36th Day of Lent, Tuesday of Holy Week, 2017

Devotional Reading: John 12: 20-26.  Morning Psalm 34; Evening Psalm 25.

Text: They came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, and said to him, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” (v. 21)

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” People still wish to see Jesus. I am convinced that a part of the popularity of Pope Francis is that he exemplifies the teachings of Jesus in such a way the his predecessors didn’t. Not too long ago he said that the Church of Jesus Christ should not be known for what it is against, but for what it is for; the least, the last and the lost. A recent example of this concern for marginalized people was the announcement that the the Vatican would provide free laundromats  for the poor and homeless in Rome. This is faith in action. 

Jesus wanted His disciples to learn from Him and be like Him. “I set an example before you,” He said after washing the disciples feet. (John 13:15) He did not intend His ministry to be left to popes, bishops, priests and pastors. Ministry is the responsibility of everyone who calls themselves a disciple of Jesus. My wife is very good at this. Instinctively she sees a need and sets in motion the wheels that are necessary to address the need. She does this with quiet determination and without fanfare. I’m not so good at it.


As Lent draws to a close let us not allow the Lenten disciplines to end with Easter. Let us dedicate ourselves to being reflections of Jesus’ love, forgiveness and acceptance every day for the time left to us.

Lord, the world still wants to “see Jesus”. Show me how to live in such a way that when they see me they give glory not to me, but to You. May others “see Jesus” through me. Amen.


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