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Glimpses of Grace for the 26th Day of Lent, 2017

Devotional Reading: John 6: 41-51. Morning Psalm-27; Evening Psalm-126

Text: I am the bread of life. (v. 46)

    My youngest daughter spent a brief time in Kenya as a Young Adult Volunteer in Mission for the Presbyterian Church (USA). When she returned, shortly before Christmas, she insisted that we include an African food, ugali, in the holiday menu. A few years later I traveled to East Africa and ate ugali that was prepared in a more “traditional” way.  Ugali is a staple food with the consistency of mashed potatoes. In non-touristy areas it is served with every meal. It fills the stomach and takes away hunger.

In the Devotional Reading Jesus said that he is the Bread of Life. This is one of the seven or eight “I Am” statements of Jesus in John’s gospel. By saying the He is the Bread of Life, Jesus told his listeners, then and now, that He can fill a deep nagging spiritual hunger that resides deep inside our hearts. He can give us a clearer vision and add real meaning to life.  Like great advertisers, the world is very skilled at telling us that we are “not enough”. The Bread of Life, though, tells us that we are “enough.” We are enough because God says that we are.

In these waning days of Lent, let us consider how we have been fooled by the “wisdom” of the world into thinking that we are “not enough” and that we need to “have more.” Reflect, instead, upon God’s daily blessings and give thanks.

Lord, please remind me over and over again that Jesus is the Bread of Life. You  lead me not only beside still waters, but your are with me in life’s darkest valleys. And best of all, You set a table of Infinite Love before me every day. Amen.


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