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Glimpses of Grace for the 11th Day of Lent, 2017

Devotional Reading: Romans 1: 1-15. Morning Psalm–145; Evening Psalm–121

“Devotional reading” means to ask God to speak to you as you read a given passage.  When something jumps out inviting you to pause and reflect for a moment or two, do it. In the devotional reading for today verse 14 gave me such an invitation;  I owe a great debt to you and to everyone else, both to civilized people and uncivilized alike; yes, to the educated and uneducated alike.” (Today’s Living Translation)

When I reflect upon my own life I realize that I have been shaped by a great many people and experiences. You have, too. Some people I would have preferred to avoid, but even they taught me something. (As the quip says, “If you can’t be a good example, at least be a good warning!) There are others I wish I could have spent more time with. It has been said that the teacher appears when the student is ready. I think this is true.

Years ago I wrote a letter to a university professor who had a great influence upon my life. I forgot about the letter until I received a phone call from the professor’s attorney. The professor died in an automobile accident. Being without wife or child, it was left to the attorney to settle the estate, including opening his lock box. Inside the box the attorney found the letter that I had written year earlier. He called to tell me that the letter must have meant something to the man.

As a part of your Lenten discipline today, write a letter to someone who greatly touched your life. Let them know what their touch meant to you. Do it today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Lord, like the apostle Paul I owe a great debt to many people. Thank you for their touch upon my life. Nudge me to set aside the time to write them a note of thank you–for your glory. Amen.


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