Glimpse of grace on an airplane

While on a recent flight we passed through clouds and encountered more than a few bumps. The pilot told us that he was going to try to go above the troublesome clouds. Seat belts buckled, for a few moments passing through the clouds was like we were going through a thick fog with dips and bumps. Eventually, though, the clouds thinned, the ride smoothed out and we could see blue sky above the clouds. Above the clouds, the sun shown brightly.
Passing through life’s dark clouds is scary. The bumps, bruises, and setbacks life hands us can be discouraging, even unsettling. We can lose our way, our balance and even our faith. But that doesn’t change the fact that above the darkness, above the storm, above the clouds  the sun still shines. God’s love for us is constant.
That is one of the promises that Jesus gives us…”I am with you always, even until the close of the age.”


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