Glimpse of Grace in an Adoption Court

Not too long ago I was invited to attend the adoption hearing of a child from one of my daughter’s previous marriage.  He was to be adopted by her husband. Over the course of time the nonbiological parent came to love the child, in no small part, because he loved the child’s mother.

The air in the courtroom was filled with anticipation as the judge asked what seemed like and endless stream of questions to the biological father, who was present via FaceTime, the boy’s mother and the man who wanted to take him as his child. Did the biological father fully understand what he was doing? Did everyone make their own decision without duress? And then, the last question, did the biological father understand that if the judge granted the adoption, that it would be final and irrevocable. There would be no “do overs” or “take backs.” All legal strings of attachment and responsibility would be severed. Everyone said they understood.

At the end of all of the questions, and the presentations by the lawyers–one for the biological father, one for the child and one for the couple seeking the adoption, the judge signed the adoption papers and declared the adoption final. It was done. There were hugs in the courtroom and pictures outside. Watching the whole process I thought to myself that this was one special child. He had been chosen because he is loved.

For everyone involved that morning, one road had come to an end, but another road was just beginning.  In his letter to the Ephesians the Apostle Paul told the church that they were the adopted children of God. He (God) predestined us as adopted sons and daughters through Jesus Christ. (1:5) We’re very special children. We are loved. And because we are loved, we too are adopted, eternally adopted into the household of God. There is a real glimpse of grace.


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